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How To Change The Blade On Your Rotary Cutter

Posted by Kim O'Rourke on

Your rotary cutter blades start life cutting like a hot knife through butter and then oh-so-slowly they start going blunt.

You won’t notice until you start not being able to cut through all the threads in your fabric.  You’ll start questioning your ability to cut, but I promise it’s not you.  If you’ve been cutting fabric for long enough for your blade to start missing threads, then it definitely won’t be you!

Instead, it will be your blade starting to go blunt and therefore now would be an excellent time to change the blade.

When I first started patchwork, I was quite scared of changing my rotary cutter blade – it all seemed a little too complicated, and all whilst dealing with an ultra-sharp blade.

However, it doesn’t have to be scary, and you can change your blade quickly and safely.

Here’s a quick video that I recorded to show you exactly how to change the blade on your rotary cutter.

I hope that helps!



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  • Thanks for sharing such an informative post. I really enjoyed reading it and found it super informative. Your step-by-step guide was super helpful and easy to follow. As a manufacturer of rotary slitter cutters myself, I appreciate the detailed instructions. Keep up the great work, and looking forward to more insightful content from you!

    cristina vee on

  • Thanks for sharing the blog on changing the blade on a rotary cutter! I appreciate the handy tips. I’ve always struggled with that process, but your step-by-step guide made it so much clearer. Thanks for making DIY projects a breeze!

    cristina vee on

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