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Interfacing / Interlining

To give any structure to a project, you need to use interfacing.

To give shape and stability to your projects (such as bags or fabric baskets) you need to use fusibile interfacing (or fusible interlining - it's the same thing).

TAKARE CARE when using fusible interfacing / fusible interlining: the shiny side is the sticky side and your interfacing should therefore be placed shiny side down onto the wrong side of your fabric.  

To give shape and stability when you can't use an iron (for instance when using silk), or when you are making a block using foundation piecing, you need sew-in interfacing (or sew-in interlining - again, it's the same thing).

For foundation paper piecing you don't actually need to use paper, you can use light sew in interfacing instead and leave it place afterwards.  When you use paper, you need to tear it away after your stitching...this could cause an issue if your design is intricate.

I only stock Vlieseline interlinings / interfacing as I believe it's the best quality.