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Sew Easy Quilting Gloves

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For all machine quilting, these gloves are essential!  First of all they keep your fabric clean...quilting involves a lot of handling of your quilt.  Just notice how mucky your gloves look after a few weeks of use!  Not only that, the gloves stop the sweat and natural oils from your hands from getting onto your quilt.  I know it sounds disgusting, but that's what our skin is designed to do!

Secondly, the gloves have little rubber knobbly bit on the finger tips which prevent your hands from slipping on the fabric.  If you don't think your hands slip now...try a pair of gloves and compare! One of my customers said that these gloves were "life changing"!  OK, so they won't stop disasters happening in your life or in the world, but they do help your hands not to slip when you're quilting, so maybe that's the next best thing.