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What Size Is A Quilting Fat Quarter?

Posted by Kim O'Rourke on

What Are Fat Quarters?

One question that new quilters ask is "what are fat quarters?" or "what are those quilting squares called?".

Well, those quilting squares are Fat Quarters* and are a very common way to buy patchwork and quilting fabric.

The official size of a commercial fat quarter is 18" x 20" (46cm x 50cm).

However when you ask your quilt shop owner to cut you a fat quarter, you will end up with one a bit bigger.  The size of these will be 20" x 22" (50cm x 55cm).

In this week's video, I explain this in more detail and what you can use Fat Quarters for...and why I don't necessarily recommend buying them when you're a beginner or when you don't know what you will be using them for.


I hope this helps!

Happy quilting,

* NB There are other pre-cut squares that you can quilting fabric in in different sizes.  However the Fat Quarter is the most popular / common.


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