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How do I change a sewing machine needle?

Posted by Kim O'Rourke on

How to put a needle in a sewing machine

This is a basic skill to have but not one to overlook. 

I have heard of people having the same needle in their machine for YEARS (seriously)! Needles go blunt, they bend – even if you can’t see it with the naked eye, and can be frustrating to use if you have the wrong needle size or type in your machine for the job in hand.

The general rule is to change your needle every eight hours of sewing or at the start of every new project, whichever is sooner, but you will find your sewing so much more enjoyable if you swap your needles around mid project.

So, if you’re a bit unsure of how to change your needle, here’s how to do it:

Hope that helps!



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