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Free Bag Pattern: Japanese Knot Bag

Posted by Kim O'Rourke on

Make This Japanese Knot Bag

This is the pattern I teach to my Beginner Sewing students and looks amazing when finished. It's a bit fiddly at one point (you'll know when you get to that point!) but my advice is to go slow and use lots of pins.

Japanese Knot Bag Pattern

Japanese Knot Bags were used by Geisha Girls so that they could have a bag to pop over their wrist and hide underneath their Kimono sleeves.

The large bag is big enough to put a bit of shopping in whilst the small bag is perfect for carrying your phone, mask and pack of tissues. (One of my students used hers as a poo bag for when she was walking her dogs 😅)

When you've made it, put the long handle through the short handle to close it and give you a strap to put over your wrist or shoulder.

To download your free pattern and instructions, head over to our Facebook community - Confident Quilting For Beginner Quilters - and you'll find the pattern in there in today's post or in the Guides section just under the header banner.

Have fun!


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