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Clover Fusible Bias Tape Maker

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Clover's Fusible Bias Tape Makers come in sizes of 25mm, 18mm, 12mm, 9mm and 6mm.  Perfect for when you want to make bias strips that you then need to iron into place, for instance for Celtic Applique and Stained Glass window designs.

Use with Clover fusible tape: your strip of binding fabric and the tape is fed through the wide opening of the maker at the same time, and as it comes out of the narrow end, the tape is in place in the binding so that you can temporarily bond it in place with a hot iron.  You would then need to finish your edges with a satin or a zig zag stitch.

Clover is a high quality brand name that you can trust.

Click the image below for a tutorial on how to use the binder makers (takes you to YouTube; opens in a new window):

An image of a yellow background with a tape binder maker with the text 'How To Make One Of These"