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What Do I Need To Get Started With Patchwork and Quilting?

Posted by Kim O'Rourke on

Walk into any quilt shop or visit any online store that specialises in patchwork and quilting, and you will be met with an array of fabric, tools and equipment.  It's overwhelming and confusing and can leave you running for the hills!

I felt like that too when I started patchwork and quilting and it put me off starting for ages.  That was such a shame because when I did start in my quilting world, I completely fell in love with it and it changed my life!

I would love for you to find that same love and joy and start a whole new hobby and I really don't want you to feel overwhelmed and confused because you don't know where to start.

And that's why I put together this free guide: a Beginner's Equipment List for anyone who is just starting out in patchwork and quilting.

Equipment List for beginners in patchwork and quilting

Get your copy by clicking here.

It will arrive by email and you can read it on your screen, download it and keep it forever or print it out - it's your choice.  And on the last page, there's a handy printable shopping list.

All you need to do to get your copy is to click here and fill in your name and best email address.

Hope that helps you and have fun with your new hobby!


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